National Trauma in the Movie “Belvedere” and the Series “De Enclave”

Together with my colleagues of the Master’s Programme East European Studies at Munich and Regensburg University I organized a series of four movie showings in July 2014. The series was titled “Trauma and Memory in Eastern European Cinema since 1989.” The program (in German) can be found here.

Afterwards I wrote a short essay on the movie I had introduced: The 2010 Bosnian film “Belvedere” by director Ahmed Imamović, which focuses on the suffering of survivors of the 1995 Srebrenica massacres. During the research on the movie I had noticed that both in Bosnia and the Netherlands, only one film about Srebrenica had then been produced. For the Netherlands this was the 2002 TV-Series “De enclave.”

In my essay I analyze and compare “Belvedere” and “De Enclave”. The thesis is that each of these films is an expression of the specific national trauma the massacre has caused in the two countries. As the national trauma was different for each nation, each movie shows the massacre in a different way. To this end, the plot, the characters and the style of the two movies are compared.

Please find the essay here.